Thursday, August 30, 2012

Douai-Reims Bible

"The version of the Bible in use among English-speaking R[oman ]C[atholic]s for more than three centuries. It was the work of members of the English College at Douai. . . .  It claimed to provide a version free from the heretical renderings in the earlier English Bibles. The work was begun at Douai, but owing to the migration of the college to Reims in 1578, the NT was completed in that city and published there in 1582. The OT, which did not appear till 1609–10, was published at Douai, whither the college had returned in the meantime. The translation, which was made not from the original languages but from the Latin Vulgate, was painstaking and reached a high standard of consistency, but was often too literal to be suitable for use in public worship or private devotional reading. . . .  Its language exercised considerable influence on the text of the Authorized Version.  Modern editions of this translation are based on the revision made by R. Challoner in 1749. . . ."

     "Douai–Reims Bible" The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. Ed. F. L. Cross and E. A. Livingstone.© Oxford University Press 2005. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church: (e-reference edition). Oxford University Press. Seattle Pacific University. 30 August 2012